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 Giver of fearlessness


 The shelter from fear

 Abhijit/ Abhijeet

victorious/ conqueror

 Achala dharaka

 One who held the mountain


Firm, Infallible, imperishable


Wonder, bewilderment 


 The one who is above the creator


 supreme soul



 The first Lord, God from the beginning

 Agha Damana Chandra

 The moon like Lord who devoured the forest

 Aghasura vinashi 

 slayer of the demon Aghasura

 Ahladini Rupi

 one who possesses a blissful form


One who has no birth (or death), eternal

 Ajanu bahu

 one whose arms reach to His knees


 He who never grows old


 Unconquerable, undefeated


 the Invincible One


 the invincible being

 Ajnana hanta

 He who destroys ignorance


 One who is the shelter of everyone


 The one who is all pervading


 ruler of everything


 one who is without any material desires


 Indestructible, infinite


 unshaken by desire


 one who si the abode of beings






 Beginningless, First Cause

 Anadi Brahmachari

 Beginning less, immersed in devotion to the absolute


 Ocean of Bliss


 The sinless one


 Ever victorious


 Without a leader, Always a leader, the highest


 supreme, ani=sun, ish=god


 Clear as crystal


 Bala=child, Gopala=cowherd, son of a Cowherd, Cowherd boy


 Baby govinda


 Baby Krishna

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